How I Got Over My Not-So-Sweet-Sixteen


I don’t exactly remember the day I turned sixteen. It wasn’t a big deal for me. Well it was, but I didn’t celebrate nor did I do anything exciting on that day. I was expecting something major from my parents, like throwing a surprise party (but not like the kids from the reality show) or leaving a gift for me in some secret and unexpected place, but well… The reason I didn’t celebrate and was actually glad that my parents didn’t plan a surprise for me was because I had this huge nationwide exam (aka SLC) coming up in just 3 months. The examination was and still is the “ultimate goal” for all the high-school students at the end of their schooling years which I now think is a totally dramatized reason to study endlessly, and cutting out our fun-time, and adding on pressure for students. To tell you the truth, that particular exam was probably why my sweet-sixteen year wasn’t sweet at all. Of course, the peer-pressure and not-so-nice people I came across in my final year (10th grade is the final year in my country) do make it to my top ten reasons that made my sixteen year as a human being shitty but still, the exam thing is on the top of my list. I would like to share that story with you, but then I wouldn’t want to give in too much right now. (Maybe I will if you ask me kindly). All I can say is that it’s not a pretty story and completely senseless. And because of that experience of mine, I am here to tell you guys that; don’t take exams too seriously. Really, you heard me right. DO NOT pressure yourself on doing the best or giving the perfect answer, cause they do not exist at all. I mean, except for math maybe. And, for the MCQs. However, I’m not saying exams are not important; they are VERY important. Especially if it is the SATs, or in my case that was the SLC. I’m just saying that you should not pressurize yourself; you need to just motivate yourself and try and build up a positive energy to do well for exams. If you feel sleepy at 10 pm, then go to sleep; that is what your body and (especially) mind want. If you have to meditate for a while – then do it, if you want to listen to music, then go ahead. Just remember that you need to plan out your work schedule, abide by it, become a dedicated learner and take absolute care of your health. This comes from a personal experience of mine. Thinking of exams still scares me sometimes, but don’t worry about it and talk to someone you think is understanding and talk to him/her for further advice. Being scared for exams is normal and sometimes, even healthy because that means that you’re up for a good and healthy competition among your peers.

To be absolutely honest, this whole big-exam-at-the-and-of-the-year thing has actually taught me a lot about being a student and a person. I got the opportunity to learn how to manage time, become hard-working and even understand my friends and how they are (as a person and as a friend as well). You need to stay positive and do the best you can, whether or not it’s the best in class; it’s the best for you. I would like to end this article on a note that I came across on facts about students and exams:

“Educational tests are much less accurate than most parents believe. In addition, the tests themselves only sample a child’s skills and knowledge, and this sampling is often far from sufficient.”tumblr_inline_n8ezkt7whT1r7qhvf




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