Tips For Your “Room Sweet Room”

Hello fellow readers,

I would like to start this post by apologising for not being regular with my blog. I am still obsessed with posting things and I still am just as much dedicated as I was while starting this blog. And second, I had semester exams,which went “pretty” well, besides the fact that I am terrified about my math exam. Plus, my winter vacation just started and I spent the first couple of days watching my beloved tv shows that were in a 4 month hiatus since I started IB. Anyway, this post here is a guide to all the teens, or in our sense, “young adults” who are looking for tips and ways to decorate or to spice up your room. First of all, I am obsessed with room decor and there is high chance that my college major will have something to do with interior designing and stuff so yeah. Without further ado, I give you tips and tricks for your bedroom decor (preferably for girls unless you really dig my ideas)

  1. Find out what makes you (as a person) unique: Okay, so the first tip is quite confusing, I know…cause we’re all figuring things out (courtesy of Tavi Gevinson), but this doesn’t mean that you need things that are bizarre and crazy, it just means that your room is somewhat of a representation of yourself. So for example, if you like outer space or astronomical stuff, you can put glowing stars in the ceiling, or make a papier-mâché rocket pencil holder, etc. You don’t have to go beyond that, it can be small DIYs or purchased stuff as well. This tip can be helpful because people pretty much look and notice things that are small and much of the time, self-made. Even if your DIYs are not perfect like the ones made here, your work will certainly impress quite a lot of people (this comes from a personal experience *wink*). Other options: if you love painting: display your works of art, stick hand-made sketches on your wall, make a mobile, decorate your walls with hand prints, display your canvas (even if your work is half done!) if you love cycling: decorate with useless bicycle chains, click pictures of places you’ve been to by cycling and paste it in your wall
  2. If possible, pick a colour scheme/theme: This is also optional. If you can, pick out two to three colours of your choice. This is one of the things I regret the most while I moved houses; I did not pick out a colour theme for my room. This tip will help your room look more sophisticated and this will kinda make people think you worked super hard for your room and they’ll also think you’re pretty serious with your stuff. Colours that go well together: gold and white, pink and creme, violet and light blue 
  3. Pick out a suitable carpet or a rug: I believe a room is never complete without a rug or a carpet (a room isn’t complete without a bed actually, but whatever). You can pick our furry carpets or abstract printed carpet, whatever you want, to compliment your room. The good thing about inserting a carpet in your room is that, carpets make your room look cozy and also gives an impression that people (your friends in particular) are welcome for a pillow fight and a movie marathon (it really does!!).
  4. Sort out a wall for pictures and frames: I personally love rooms that have tons of pictures and photos of basically anything and everything. This can also come under the first tip because having a memory lane in your room is quite unique and nice to look at. You can also print out random pictures from Tumblr that you like and can;t stop reflagging and print it out to insert it in a photo frame. If possible, you can arrange the pictures in a certain shape as well. That would look totally cute.
  5. Throw out stuff that are “childish”: This tip is subjective. If you’re looking for ways to make your room look more mature and adult, you need to throw out the stuffed toys from your be and take out the hello kitty stationery items. But if you still prefer being a child, then just ignore this step.
  6. Pick out colourful and fun pillows and cushions: To further compliment your room, you can insert colourful or printed pillows and cushions on your bed or your couch!


Other awesome things to decorate your room with:

  • Indoor plants
  • Mirrors
  • Banners
  • Lights
  • Your signed shirts and any other objects
  • Postersஐ

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