Get Organized For 2015

Hello dear readers,

I hope 2015 is being nice to you so far. So I am on my winter vacation at the moment and so I was thinking of following one of those resolutions. However, as much as I would like to follow them and not break them (intentionally), it was a difficult task for me so I thought, why not take it slowly and gradually without a rush. So I came up with the system of getting a planner for 2015 and following through it. I watched tons of YouTube videos on how to manage and organise your planner and I found out that most YouTubers purchased those customised or very expensive type of planners (branded ones), which obviously was hard to get and almost impossible to buy right away from where I live. On that thought, I decided to make my own planner. I also watched a couple of “What’s in my backpack” videos and the people suggested on buying a planner especially if you are a student. So instead of going on Amazon, searching for the perfect planner, e-mailing the link to my sister, having it delivered and shipping it to me after 5 months was not an option. So then I went to Microsoft Word and made my own planner, printed it out with much difficulty with the printer, made my own cover page and spiral bonded it and I am now going to use it from tomorrow onwards. I am quite happy with I’ve come up with and hopefully, I take my tasks seriously. With my SATs coming up, I literally had no time to customise it perfectly as I wished, but it is still pretty cool and handy.

So yes, planners are a crucial material for life and it is portable and they definitely keep you organised.

{I will be sharing the finished product of my planner in a couple of days, so hang on!}ஐ


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