Caving Experience

The best part of doing the IB is going for outdoor CAS activities. On November 9th, we were given three choices of either going horseback riding, rock climbing or caving. I was quite confused while choosing the activity that I wanted to take part in, just because all three of them sounded awesome to me; it had been quite a while since I went rock climbing or caving and I had almost never tried riding a horse by myself. Just three months back, I had tried wall climbing so I thought of not doing the rock climbing (even though they are two different things). So I was left with horseback riding and caving, but in the end, it was caving. So we left for the location at 9 in the morning with 15 to 20 of us. I was pretty excited and not at all nervous. That day, we were asked to wear old and nearly useless clothes because caving obviously meant crawling and entering super dark, wet and muddy holes. So we went and got all ready with our headlamps and torches. We also came to know that the cave we were about to enter was one of the longest caves ever in the world and the passage that we took was about an hour and a half long, which was not even the longest route in that cave! The instructor told us that relatively few people took longer routes that were nearly three hours long.

We were also noted with some safety precautions such as not to crawl and move too quickly just because you know the way, because the person behind you may get lost, and how we should “describe” the passage ahead of us so that the person behind knows what to expect and do, and many other general things like that. The crawling, crouching and squatting started as soon as we entered a hole located on top of a hill and just beside a river. The first 5 minutes was quite okay, as the passage was leading us at an expected pace and steepness. However, as we continued through the passage, we encountered places that were dripping wet with water and mud, deep holes where we had to jump into and high ceilings/floors that we had to climb up to. I actually got to the point where I had to swim, as in lay flat on the ground and pull my body outwards to get through a hole. I have no idea how the guys did it, but in the end, we reached our destination. We were proud of ourselves when we finally saw the light after a long and dark hour (or was it one and a half?) because no one got hurt or had any difficulty. It was all teamwork, to be honest.

All in all, we had great fun and it was a terrific experience. It was like a mini adventure for us! I learnt how to deal with my peers in times like these (co-operation and teamwork building experiences). And we had a bit of a break from all the studies and hard work as well.


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