Reasons Why Tumblr Rocks + My Online Story

Ever since I met the internet (online really), I have always been addicted to it. I was 10 years old when I joined the then popular website, hi5, which was hot and happening. That was when I started editing my profile endlessly (or until the power went off), and implausibly spend 5 hours daily, just checking my profile. I would visit other profiles and appraise the themes and colours and everything that was there and I would also make my profile look extra fancy by inserting gifs or these crazy glittery and over the top graphics. Thinking about it makes me realise how girly I was. I had already started learning how to edit themes and use HTML codes for my profile, thanks to hi5 and I have to admit, hi5 was definitely one of the coolest things ever until it took its final bow and us heard it sing its swan song after Facebook showed up.

Facebook is a social networking wilderness on another level. Most of my friends used Facebook from grade 5 or 6, so then I was somehow compelled to shift from hi5 to Facebook. After that, the usual chatting, accepting a friend request, uploading the latest and best pictures began. After about two to three years of Facebooking, my account, was hacked. It was a terrible time. I didn’t even understand the situation; the hacker actually didn’t hack my account, he/she made a fake account. I think that’s even more complicated than being hacked and ironically,  a few of my friends actually believed the fake person. Anyway, I decided not to use Facebook again. I was in year seven then, and I have never opened up a Facebook account ever since (besides using my mom’s account a couple times), so yeah, Facebook hasn’t been one of my basic necessities in life.

So then, I turned my online career/fetish to Tumblr (and twitter simultaneously) when I was in grade 8. It was a great year. I don’t exactly remember the first time I used Tumblr, however, I do remember one thing that made me confused which were the Tumblr terminologies. What does “reblog” mean? What’s a custom URL? what is “dashboard??!”…? Lucky for me, I was an expert at discovering things the quickest. Plus, I already knew a lot about the HTML coding and design. After that, I entered my very own paradise. The first thing I did was reblog posts after understanding them, then, I had my own Tumblr page, that had this cute pinkish theme. After that, I held on to Tumblr and it has now become an escape from hell (of some sort).

Now on to the reasons why Tumblr rocks:

1. You can find pictures of anything and everything that are amazing. Tumblr is basically google images with even better and more specific pictures we could ever dream of.

2. Tumblr has GIF posts! So for those of you who do not know what GIF posts are, they are movable pictures. What’s even better is that you can find really rare and nice ones. Like from really old interviews.

3. You can customise your own profile/blog. So if you’re the HTML guru, then Tumblr will definitely become your best pal. You can find websites that allow you to insert countdowns, page views, follower counts, clock, etc. that are awesome and attractive (not in a tacky way)

4. You can also find celebs on Tumblr but not as much as on Twitter. Some of them include Kylie Jenner, Kevin McHale, Lucy Hale, Hayley Williams. Plus, you can also send them a fan mail, which ironically, not many people send. That means you have the greater chance of getting noticed.

5. Another great thing about Tumblr is that you have many different ways through which you can increase the popularity of your blog. If your blog is a travel diary or something, you can find networks that share hundreds of other diaries that can promote you, as well as help you gain more page views. Plus, you can also mention people on your blogs and update them 🙂

I’m sure there are other great reasons why Tumblr has been a great social networking site. If you love posting pictures or writing quotes each day or even showcasing your art or whatever, Tumblr is there for you. Plus, you get these really nice pictures for your desktop photo that no one else in your class would have (like the background I have right now)… so yeah.


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