My First Ever Art Exhibition!

Hello, dear readers! It has been quite some time since my last blog post. I have been plausibly busy with my school assignments and my new interest in playing the guitar (after 3 years of hiatus). Anyway, my first ever participation in an art exhibition starts from Friday (i.e. 20th February 2015) and I am super excited. So today, I am here to talk about my experience on sketching the final products and my inspiration for what I have drawn. I will not be able to share everything with you, but here’s what I have the say. *Disclaimer*: This is not a solo exhibition, however, I am one of the 21 artists on the exhibition 🙂

For me, the habit of drawing crept onto me naturally. I was never forced to paint or to recreate a given picture. I led a quiet and happy childhood, so most of my inspiration and urge to draw came from the place where I lived. After graduating sophomore year or a.k.a. tenth grade in my country, I had three to four-month break, which meant either watching endless episodes of FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother or visiting cousins, watching the VMAs or whatever the TV offers me and to reminisce old times, painting. While I was still in tenth grade, I honestly never drew anything because of my studies. I was stuck in a bubble consisting of competitive studying classmates and endless teenage gossip and anecdotal events, that I craved to get out of. So in order to do just that, I started drawing. I joined an art class in the month of June, and I remember this because I was sleep deprived most of the time during mornings because of the live FIFA World Cup match hours (1 am onwards). On top of that, my art class started from 6:30 am. However, they were definitely worth it. So then I attended art class for roughly two months. The teacher would normally give me a picture and I would have to copy it. I had no idea what to expect during my first week, as I had never at tented an art class before and the school art periods don’t count, as we literally spend the time doing NOTHING. By the end of my third week, I had started drawing portraits with charcoal and pencil, as well as painting still life pictures, which were always fun. The social media kept me updated with artists all over the world too. Especially instagram, where there are tons of amazing self-taught artists. Then my love for art grew even bigger. I was able to use different types of art tools, slowly and gradually. Ultimately, my holidays were over and I had to join a new high school. After that, art became just another “hobby” of mine, that I never had the chance to practice. So then, the onset of an IB student-life took off with more than 3 projects due in one week (literally). It was only after winter break started that I got the chance to get back to drawing. This was when i was asked to sketch for the art exhibition. To be honest, when you take a break from drawing, you find yourself drawing something different the next time you get back to art. That would mean art evolves with you. Here are some art works by different artists for the exhibition: Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 18.43.19Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 18.42.58 Now the inspiration for drawing flowers didn’t one up all at once.It was actually my teacher who suggested the idea. However, I was content with the decision of drawing flowers because how often do we really contemplate the beauty of flowers these days? I also found out the real meanings behind flowers; what they stood for and their symbolisms, which are pretty interesting. I have four black & white sketches, using 3B, 6B and 9B pencils (artists’ jargon) of flowers; that are jasmine, lisianthus, apple blossom and spiderwort. The artworks have been mainly focused on light and shade. It took me roughly 7-9 hours to complete each art.


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