Cultural Traits

Hi! So I decided to post my homework assignment here because there were no cultural nor religious posts on my blog yet. So enjoy! The essay is related to SCA and the entire thing is written by me (as all the posts in this blog!)

How do we obtain culture? How do we get our cultural traits? Or are we born with some?

(Just my opinion)

I think culture is something that just exists in a society no matter how vague daily practices are. Culture exists where there are human beings living and sustaining their lives irrespective of time, age or gender. We obtain culture by simply, living. This is because whatever we do that make us happy and a social being, makes up a culture.

Culture is something that cannot be defined with complete accuracy because, I think culture is dominantly influenced by our ancestors, our economic status, our geographical location and our language. These are the roots through which we obtain cultural traits. I do not think we can choose our culture, but rather, culture chooses us at the time of birth. We get our cultural traits as a gift since we cannot choose one and they all come in different and unpredictable shapes and sizes. However, I do think culture can be changed or modified as we live on because our economic status might change, our thoughts may provoke something else as well as alter our feeling consequently. Therefore, we are born with some culture from our ancestors, but as we grow up into becoming independent and a socially “accepted” being, only then, do we get the opportunity and ability to change the culture for the community and the future and ourselves. The future of culture depends on what we do at present. Also, I think culture is evolving almost every day, due to globalisation. So I think children of the future generation would obtain culture on the basis of what we practice now.ஐ


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