Faking It Till Making It?

I’m pretty sure that most teenagers these days, including moi, have heard of this peculiar phrase “Fake It Till You Make”, which means acting exactly what you’d wish to be (may come from inspirations) in a social scenario even if you’re not really that way or even if you’re  hiding a huge chunk of secrecy inside of you that shouts “Omg, I am so not like this, but I need this spectrum of acting out to make everything a-okay for myself!”. And believe me, I have tried it.tumblr_nkweineQIf1tv3guoo1_500

For those of you in a dilemma of thinking whether you should do it or not, you probably should know some of these conceptions from my point of view:

a. It only works if you’re in the mood: If you are bothered by something you’re not being able to solve, then there is high chance that you will fake it but won’t actually make it. It takes time and dedication.

b. It works if you are in the “nothing left to lose” state: If you are not afraid of losing anything: like your happy mood, or your friends, your whole happy-go-lucky attitude, then you should go for it. However, this does not mean that you should not go for it if you’re not in the state; there will be higher chances though.

c. It only works if you’re post-depression or pre-depression: A big NO when you’re thinking about this whilst the D.

Now I am not a professional behavioural counsellor or a psychologist, but I am just making the above ASSUMPTIONS. Any counter arguments and ethical/appropriate comments are fine with me. (Hope no one will  be rude though.)


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