What To Do: Pre-Crying, Post-Crying & Whilst Crying (A Guide)

For many of you (especially adult readers), this may sound like one of those turning point of my reputations where you would think “Oh, a guide to crying? What a silly thing. No one needs a guide to crying, we all do it.” and forbid to read the rest of this post. For all I can say about crying, I have cried at least two times this week and I am fine with it. What I know about crying is that the act of “sweating from your eyes” is just a leakage showing that you just poured out all of your feelings that you were not being able to explain them through words. For some, this is a great way to ease your pain. It is totally fine. But as for me, I have grown up hearing people say “you’re such a cry-baby, why would you cry?, or “you’re just showing that you are weak”, or even call you a name (crying related) even after crying. Which is absolutely unacceptable. Of course, it is okay to say those things if you are crying over not being able to watch your favourite TV show, or as simple as breaking your pencil. But as I have grown up, a few of those same people have stopped saying those things to me. From what I understand, when you’re an adult or a young adult, people who witness you breaking-down will simply not tell you to stop crying (90% of the time) because I guess it makes more sense that they assume that something is really bothering the adult-you. Think of it this way, if you see an adult crying, and a small kid breaking down simultaneously, you would obviously think that the adult has a bigger/deeper reason to cry.  Whatever it is, I am just saying that I think it is okay to cry as long as you have a meaningful logic behind it.

So, moving on to the guide:


Before you cry – that time when you feel like you have a porcupine stuck on your throat and you feel your ears getting warmer and your lips starting to tremble, you just think of a positive thing that keeps you calm and take a huge breath, no matter who is around you. I know thinking of something spectacular is difficult when you have that porcupine stuck in your throat, but just think of this – everything will be okay. I am a human being and everyone does this..and then you start to cry with everything you’ve got. Go ahead and cry because it does not do any justice if you hold on to the feelings and after some time, you’re left with even more lumped feelings in you.

Whilst Crying:

It does not matter how much you cry, but it is best if you cry a whole lot on the first go, so that you have more time to relax and feel better as long as you’re there in the situation. If you cry and stop and then cry a bit more on the send go, this is when you feel dumb. I am not saying that you should not cry the second time, just make sure that it is not a waterfall added on to the previous cry. However, if you are crying to show that you are in pain, then I would suggest not doing it, but as long as you have logic behind it, I think it will be a-okay.


After the whole situation is over, the first thing I suggest is building up a thought-process that tells you no one is looking at you. In other sense, you need to know that no one is glaring at you, and even if you catch a glance, it is best if you avoid eye contact and just walk straight to the destination where you need to go – the bathroom. After reaching the bathroom, you should wash your face and clean your mascara marks or anything you have on your eyes that irritates you. Then, you would probably want to take a couple deep breaths and slap on your concealer or whatever you use on your face. If you have nothing with you, then just put on a smile, as long as you can and then you will find yourself naturally smiling. And lastly, you should be yourself and act the way you feel -even if you’re still feeling down. Make sure that you do not leave the bathroom until you feel alright. And then, stride and proceed.

I wrote this post in mere 20 minutes and I hope this came to you as some sort of aid :)ஐ



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