Suggested Music Albums

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of female artists, which was a very good idea because the only female lead I was listing to was Haley Williams from Paramore and I was getting monotonous with that (still love her though). And I also decided to download a couple albums and not singles so that I can actually dedicate some time to an artist’s music and a specific genre and hopefully do a readers response on their evolution and lyrics some time later.

1. Charli XCX – Sucker

Highly recommended for those who like pop punk/electropop (obviously, cause hello, Charli XCX!) and I also think that she has that badass cult in her. And the fact that she is British makes it even more interesting and fun because I have listened to too much of American music my whole life. Not that there is HUGE difference between the two music, it is just that there is a specific anatomy of British music artists and a different anatomy of the Americans. Going back to the Sucker album, I think that this album is a good way to remind yourself how awesome it is to live a life being female, simply because it is and that Charli XCX apparently knows it. By this, I mean that her music from this particular album reminded me of movies like Bride Wars, Mean Girls and that rom-com Hollywood flicks about a woman discovering herself in New York City.

2. Meghan Trainor – Title

I recommend this album if you’re in the mood to dance and reminisce times with your “gal pal” or your sister or whatever. The songs are really catchy considering how they are perfect for a ukulele. You can listen to it while your driving with your mom or just randomly listen when you’re in that happy phase where everything feels right and you feel ecstatic that you’re alive; it’s great 🙂

3. Beyoncé – (Any album, really)

For me, Beyoncé’s songs have always been empowering. Especially since she released her self-titled album in 2013, I decided to speculate further on how she manages to dance, sing, and handle almost everything while performing her soulful songs, all at the same time. I recommend almost all her songs because she has a broad spectrum of catchy to emotional to empowering songs. My personal favourite Beyonce song changes every month and I never miss out on singing any one of her singles while I’m in the shower.


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