Thoughts on Maturity and Being Mature

When does one become emotionally and mentally mature enough to do things like pick up dry-cleaning, shop for veggies, detergents, oil, gas, kitchenwares, and also go to the bank and use actual checks? What makes a person mature and who is she/he? Do mature people not know that they are mature? Is maturity a subconscious thing?

These questions have seemed to bother me every day because I have been quite suspicious about my liability to survive college and the life after without any maturity. When I asked my mother one day if she thought that I was mature, I was replied by her equivocated answer- “You are the youngest of the family. Why do want to know if you are mature enough or not? Just enjoy the privileges that come with being the ‘darling’ of the family. (Sorry, the word she used for ‘darling’ in our national language was very much less awkward). Anyway, I seem to always get responses that give me obscure remarks on me being a mature person. Therefore, I always got the feeling that a person who asked if he/she is mature was not a mature person.

For an eighteen-year-old, I’d say that I would nail an audition for a role of a thirteen-year-old girl. Although I know that actors in Hollywood do play 16-year-olds when in actuality they are in their 20s or even 30s (in case of Cory Monteith), I am trying to say that I am quite not 18 yet. If I start listing things that according to the law, are deeds that any eighteen-year-old is allowed to do, I would probably be self-deprecating my way to the Northern Lights. But I guess I am just subconsciously obsessed with myself contemplating about being mature that I spend most of the time missing opportunities that could prove my maturity. I do not know. I just know that the word “mature” is never considered to be used on someone who is either married, pregnant, in the labour force in their late 20s or retired. This specific word that is “mature”, is merely used for people who are still in school or have graduated from university. It will NOT exist after you graduate. And the phrase- “mature for his/her age” is I guess just a phrase. In the end, you get to decide if you ever are fit for labels if you want one and ultimately, it’s your own opinions that matter.

I actually want this topic to be a discussion so feel free to write down your thoughts below, I’d love to read them!

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