Movie Review: The Bling Ring


Directed By: Sofia Cappola

Release Year: 2013

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Short synopsis (spoiler alert!):

A pack of glamour-obsessed teenagers living in Calabasas, California robs more than $3 million worth of belongings from celebs like Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Lindsay Lohan and Miranda Kerr. Not only do these teenagers rob the same house over and over again, but they drive multi-million dollar cars just to experience the lavish lifestyle until they get caught. The movie contains the same ‘search, rob and repeat’ process for more than halfway through the movie, which makes it kind of dull and a bore. However, there are instances that make you nervous, and excited.

My commentary:

The Bling Ring is the type of movie that you would like if you “worked” on it. Only after doing my research and watching other movies by the director, could I really enjoy it? I watched The Bling Ring for my second time around and do I dare say that I was really hooked, not because of the flashy clothes and cars of Beverly Hills but because I could really put myself in those girls’ (and guy’s) shoes. I could not think of a reason why it had not been perfectly easy and rewarding to rob from those celebrities. Now, I am not saying that I support the Ring or whatever but I am just saying that if you had the chance, and you knew that there was no way of knowing the culprit, would you not do it? The fact that the celebs had THAT much of stuff that they did not even notice that they had been robbed is ridiculous and it shows how prospered those people are.


I am giving the movie three stars instead of a two because of Katie Chang’s acting and Coppola’s directory, which was unique from her first work as a director in The Virgin Suicides.

Ratings: starratingstarratingstarratingfgffeh1fgffeh1

Watch the trailer:


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Bling Ring

  1. I agree. The characters were not likeable at all, even Marc, which is kind of disappointing but I would not think that there would have been an alternative in the plot’s case.


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