Movie Review: The Motorcycle Diaries

the-motorcycle-diaries-movie-poster.jpgDirected By: Walter Salles

Release Year: 2004

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Short synopsis:

A young Ernesto “Che” Guevara sets off to travel through Latin America before returning back to Buenos Aires to complete his final semester at a medical school. An honest and philanthropic man, Ernesto soon discovers his destined identity of a fighter for Latin American people and culture. Accompanied by his pal, Alberto Granado, Ernesto is bound to have his life changed forever through this journey on an old motorcycle.

Spoiler-free commentary:

Ernesto and Alberto are definitely a charismatic duo who seizes the day in every which way possible. You will go on a journey with them and definitely be as excited and astounded to be traveling through Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia as them. However, as a reviewer, there was the lack of excitement from the plot. I thought the journey was aimless and quite annoying at some point of the movie. Nothing much was happening but only the motorcycle being advertised for its horrible noise and engine. Therefore, it felt like the movie was all rushed and at the same time very slow. I would also like to add that I had watched the movie merely after noticing “Che Guevara” on the movie’s Wikipedia page. Towards the interval, it had come to the point where I started doubting if this movie was about Che Guevara because nothing meaningful had happened so far. In addition, the Che portrayed by Mexican actor Gael García Bernal was in any case, an average guy—not a future guerilla leader.

A good movie for those who want to learn about Latin American cultures, The Motorcycle Diaries is of historical importance but merely because of its context, not the acting nor the emotional connection. Good directory, good story but dry progression.

Ratings: starratingstarratingstarratingfgffeh1fgffeh1



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