Music Album Review: Zayn’s Mind of Mine


Zayn’s sultry new album is a re-introduction to his re-defined persona. The music and lyrics we hear in Mind of Mine are very different from what we still hear from 1D (there must be a “parental advisory explicit content” logo somewhere on the cover of MoM). Although I do think Zayn still is the mysterious man that we all have known for 5 years, he does bring into this album, a new tune with new beats and a new vibe with deeper lyrics—basically, everything you would hear when you give a person their freedom of personalized expression.

Because this album is called “Mind of Mine”, we can give ourselves a pat on the back for guessing correctly that this album is very personal and thoughtful. His mysteriousness slightly fades this time as we go through a sonic experience in Zayn’s own words. The album’s sound is a mixture of RnB and electro-pop—RnB being one of the genres that he has always talked about as his biggest influence.

I personally think the album is amazing. Good tunes to tune into when you’re on your own, or even when driving your car late at night. The album starts out with a small intro track, then moves onto a slow jam called “It’s You”. A slow song accompanied by a high falsetto, the song is quite soothing, touching but also delirious in a way. The next set of songs are more upbeat, most of which, are about Zayn—his life, his friends, his career and his personal inhibitions. All of these aspects assorted with R&B and electro-pop beats make the whole album interesting and enjoyable.

My personal favourites off of Mind of Mine are “Drunk” and a song about Zayn’s past experiences and his new beginning entitled “BeFour”. You hear Zayn singing, “I’ve done this before, not like this“, which sets the scene of him beginning to set out on his own in the musical scene. The video, which I personally thought was very British and contextual, showcases Zayn’s life as a “little boy from Bradford”, who is now (you guess it), “smashin’ it”. The song, which has apparently been heavily influenced by urban music, also has quite the title (because referring to 1D, “Be Four” and “Before”). The lyrics, giving us some hints to the unsolved pieces of the puzzle as to why Zayn really left the band, acts out as a vengeance on those whom he had troubles with. But no need to ponder about that anymore because Zayn has already spoken out about his real feelings about the band and his musical career in an interview.

Anyway, a unique re-introduction to Zayn and his music, the album is worthy of success and attention. Zayn has proved us that he can hit the high notes (big time). His part in the entertainment industry as a whole is noteworthy because of how proud he makes his fans for not just being himself but also showing that it is important to stay true to oneself and embracing one’s own identity.

Ratings: starratingstarratingstarratingstarratingfgffeh1

An interesting link: Read what fans had to say about Zayn’s departure and his contribution to the music industry in this article from Rookie Mag.


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